Kenny's Story...

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Kenny is a native of Washington D.C. and now calls New York City home. As a chef and owner of Chef Kenny Catering, he delights clients with his unique cuisine, built on the traditional Southern recipes he learned from his grandmother accented with Southwestern and Asian influences. A staple of Kenneth’s style is his ability to reinvent bold flavors reminiscent of his childhood. This is accomplished through the keen sourcing of the finest sustainable ingredients for his nutritious menus.

In addition to his catering business, Kenny stays active in the community, conducting nutrition and cooking workshops. In 2010, Kenny launched his initiative called the "Eat for Life Project", which enables him to work hands-on with community residents in search of a healthier lifestyle through a balanced diet and sustainable health solutions . The Eat for Life Project has led to collaborations with Whole Foods Market, Emblem Health and other community organizations who have joined together to fight childhood obesity.

Are you looking to provide real value for your next corporate, nonprofit or collegiate event? Chef Kenny's inspiring "Food for the Soul" talks offer practical and transformative tools for life, food and overall health and wellness. Take it all in as Kenny motivates and entertains your guests today and beyond! 

Videos spotlights Chef Kenny Minor and His Eat For Life Kids

Tasty...and healthy? Chef Kenny is cooking up a combo- and helping communities of color, with little access to fresh foods, become healthier. 

Eat for Life! Partners With EmblemHealth

Partnership Drives Adoption of Healthy Cooking Methods and Tools for Successful Eating Practices for EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care Members.

Chef Kenny's “Eat for Life!” workshops partners with EmblemHealth, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit health plans, through their Neighborhood Care (EHNC) program. This video highlights the engagement with EHNC members while offering practical tips and tools for healthy eating habits. Watch as Chef Kenny shares his experience of family, food and weight loss as he demonstrates how we can all live a richer life thought healthy lifestyle practices.