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 From My Plate to Yours: Lunch Fix

"When nutrient rich foods are at the center of your thoughts and actions, life is better. Set goals, follow your dreams and allow the energy of the food on your plate to take you there."

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How do you eat the foods you crave and still lose weight?

You do it one plate at a time and believe that a healthier and happier you is possible!

From My Plate to Yours: Lunch Fix is your flavorful roadmap to better health. Increase your energy, fight food cravings, clear out frustrations, and improve your overall well-being. Make any of the delicious recipes from this cookbook to jump start your healthy goals. Use all the recipes together as a system for weight loss, or use them individually to introduce new flavorful ways to eat, in and out of the kitchen. You will learn how to cook, blend and sip your way to a slimmer, more energized you!

Your healthy jump start begins with over 60 soulful and delicious recipes, perfect for life on the go or a plated meal at home. This book features quick fix lunch options that cook up in 20 minutes (or less) - broken down into easy steps, so that you can fit cooking into your busy lifestyle. From a silky Coconut Carrot Power Smoothie to a savory Chorizo Avocado Flatbread Pizza, to Kenny's grandmother’s Smoky Black-Eyed Peas, the possibilities for a satisfying meal are endless. 

In Chef Kenny’s debut cookbook, he shares his story of growing up in a big southern family where soul food was the language of love. He never knew love would lead to fast food meals and Friday night binges. It wasn’t long before he found himself 80 pounds overweight and struggling with fad diets. Food was Kenny’s biggest obstacle to overcome and later it would serve as his saving grace. In this book, Chef Kenny also shares the aha moment that changed everything, along with his pantry tips sure to help YOU make healthy habits stick for life!

From My Plate To Yours- Lunch Fix is your soul filled food map towards the life you so desire, the healthier, happier person you know you are meant to be.

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