"A Healthier and Happier You is Possible..."

I understand how the journey to healthy living can be frustrating!  My biggest challenge was learning to cook healthy and flavorful meals that still connected with my southern roots.  Over time I learned how to reinvent the soulful flavors of my childhood to create the healthy recipes that I offer and teach clients today. Do you want to change your eating habits?  Do you need more energy?  Want to lose weight, feel stronger and be a healthier, happier you? We have a fix for that! 

When it comes to making healthy eating habits stick, you don’t need a diet. You need a belief system. Yes, a system that helps you to connect with the food on your plate, to uplift, inspire and empower you to live your best life through nutrition.

We believe when nutritious foods are at the center of your thoughts and actions, life is better.  Let me help you jump start your healthy goals today.

Are You Ready?  

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Chef Kenny

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Everyday Smoothies - Available Now! 

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My passion is to help people live their best lives through healthy habits. I am available for nutrition seminars, private catering services and speaking engagements. Click below to learn more! 

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Are you looking to enhance your diet while making sure you're getting all of the important nutrients? Be sure to check out the my new recipes!