Chef Kenny's Keys to Good Health

Good Health…

It’s the thing everyone wants, but how do you truly obtain it? Would you like to have more energy, look and feel great? Unleash your power with food and belief with Chef Kenny’s Keys to Good Health.

Join me LIVE on my Facebook page on Tuesday, October 16th and 23rd @ 10am. Tune in for this transformative series on good tips for weight loss and a healthier life! Each session will also include a live Q&A.

You’ll learn:
- How to feed your busy life on the go (everyday smoothies)
- Fun tips for good health and weight loss
- How to use food as a tool to unleash your potential and personal growth

Chef Kenny’s Keys to Good Health Facebook Live Series

- October Tuesday 16th 10:00am EST
- October Tuesday 23rd 10:00am EST

Part 1
Good Health: What Do You Believe?

Part 2
Drink Your Vitamins: Life On The Go!