A Healthier, Happier You: Do You Believe?

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A Happier, Healthier You: Do You Believe?

I believe when nutrient food are at the center of your thoughts and actions, life is better!

- Chef Kenny


What if I told you that struggling with eating healthy, exercising or even taking medications had little to do with your unproductive habits or willpower but everything to do with what you believe? Yes, what you truly believe about yourself is driving your thinking (actions) and those thoughts are blocking you from living a richer life.


Why Do I need a Belief Health Statement?

Ever heard the old saying “If you don’t believe in something you’ll fall for anything” There is a lot of truth in that thought I’ve found. Even more so as it relates to poor eating habits. When a new client comes to me looking for weight loss solutions. The first thing I ask is, what do you believe about food? Most don’t have an answer at first and that’s ok. However, not having a mindful answer about what you believe about food and its connection to your health could very well be the underline issue as to why many struggle with making healthy choices in life.

The first step and I believe the most important tool in the arsenal to address poor eating practices will require you to make a bold statement. Not just any statement but your own Belief Health Statement (BHS: mine is above). This tool works like a personal mission statement used for university and collage admissions, which centers on an individuals wants and accomplishments. Your Belief Health Statement shares those merits of a personal mission statement however it focuses on your health outlook for life that illuminates from your core beliefs.


Crafting Your Belief Health Statement

If you and I were to work privately on tools for successful eating practices. The first thing I would ask. What words best describe how you see yourself? Secondly, when you choose healthier foods items to eat how does make YOU feel? Lastly, what words best describes how you believe life could be if you were living it healthy?

Answering the questions above can serve as great starting point in crafting your own Personal Health Belief Statement. Remember it should be a short statement that embodies what you believe at your core about food, health and how you see life when it’s lived successfully. Write “it” down, post “it”, where you can see “it”, meditate on “it” until you become “it”, start living “it” today!